River gravel sand making machine and quarry crusher and other equipment we developed is officially off the assembly line in the industrial park. After several test machine, the third party quality processes, ready for delivery of customers. The sale completely according to the customer demand to build, and provide pre-sale, sale, after sale service. Customer shipment in Tianjin port, is expected after ten days of walking, to reach the destination. The equipment delivery, to enhance the market share and brand awareness has a significant role. Indonesia is rich in gravel quarry resources, customer ready to crushed river gravel used in local infrastructure, such as roads, real estate etc.. According to customer requirements, the production of import feed size requirements, sand production line to the customer with our including feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, electronic control etc.. From the overall layout, the whole system sand production line has the advantages of compact structure, smooth operation, simple operation, high yield, high production efficiency, sand production rate is high, long service life of wearing parts. River gravel is a kind of natural stone, water, wind blowing through baptism, higher hardness, considering the vulnerable parts, like mine to customers with three broken and shaping process. Application of PE series jaw crusher machine, the crushing into small chunks of gravel, can enter the cone crusher for crushing. The use of cone crusher has a lot of advantages, the production efficiency is high, wearing parts, etc.. Finally into the river gravel sand mechanism sand, finally screened 0-3mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm three kinds of different specifications of the aggregate. Here, the sand making machine has played a great role, not only to play the role of shaping, but also play the role of sand. The artificial sand making machine system through careful arrangement, bold and innovative design of the production process, after more than two years of operation and improvement, the system runs stably and reliably, the successful completion of the highway construction aggregate concrete production tasks. Taking into account the quarry mining material fresh, clean, system design to cancel the sand washing machine, using the dry process production.