Yeaaah. .-. I have to go back in October to get two fillings, the appointment today was basically just the dentist confirming I had a cavity, and I found out I have another one I didnt know I had, because my last appointment wasnt with a dentist, but she was a hygienist, and just eeehhh. Im kind of more than a little frustrated with how the appointment went today. :/ So now I have that to dread for the next like two months, and that appointment is at eight in the morning on a school day, so Im probably just gonna stay home until my mouth isnt numb anymore because schools gonna suuuuck if I have to go while my mouth is numb. ;o; 

So yeah, that was kind of a really frustrating adventure. I didnt really do a whole lot today other than that and playing Fire Emblem, honestly. 030 

Im getting up early to go to Mums tomorrow morning, so I think Im just gonna go to bed for tonight now. qoq I dont wanna stay up too late because Im getting up early, and I think Im gonna walk to town tomorrow to see Jacob for a while, so if Id like to avoid being really tired if I can, aha. xD

Ill be on again tomorrow for sure, though, and Ill try to get more written here then! :o 

Night guys! ;u;